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End-Point Assessment is the process of completing the new apprenticeship qualifications, this enable an organisation without a devolved interest in the outcome of the assessment to assess whether the apprentice has achieved the essential Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours (KSBs) required of the apprenticeship.

The assessment at end point can be undertaken via different types of assessment methods, varying from professional discussions to examinations and written project work. The trailblazer has decided how the assessment will be carried out. For health and social care sector – the Adult Care Worker standard and the Lead Adult Care Worker standard are to be assessed via a Situational Judgement Test and a Professional Discussion.

Select an EPAO

When an apprentice begins their apprenticeship, their employer is responsible for selecting an End-Point Assessment Organisation and informing the training provider of their choice.


If LATC is selected, we will be notified by the training provider and register the apprentice for EPA. They’ll also receive access to our EPA resources, this registration is free.

Book EPA

After gateway, one of our independent End-Point Assessors will be in touch to introduce themselves and schedule a date and time for EPA assessment. This is booked via our EPA platform – ACE360


Assessment will then take place in line with the apprenticeship standard following our internal policies. The assessment involves pre-set multiple questions test and professional discussion.


The Education and Skills Agency will issue the certificate if the apprentice has passed. This will confirm that the apprentice has achieved their apprenticeship and at which grade.

Adult Care Worker Standard

This standard replaces the old level 2 health and social care apprenticeship framework. Apprentices undertaking this standard works in the front-line.

Once an apprentice has completed their training for this apprenticeship, that’s when they begin End-Point Assessment. There are two methods of End-Point Assessment for this standard: the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) and the Professional Discussion (PD). Both assessment methods are designed to ensure that the apprentice has demonstrated the required knowledge, skills and behaviours to pass the apprenticeship and can be fairly graded – either pass, merit, or distinction – against their performance.

Lead Adult Care Worker Standard

The Lead Adult Care Worker Standard is the former level 3 health and social care apprenticeship framework. This qualification put staff in a position to carry out supervisory roles. Apprentices undertaking this standard will be suitable to take on roles like Care Officer, Care Supervisor, Senior Care Worker, Supervising Care Worker and Senior Support Worker.

EPA process of assessment are: the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) and the Professional Discussion (PD), but with the content elevated to match the level of the apprenticeship and the requirements of the job role. Apprentices will be tested through both assessments to see whether they have the expected knowledge, skills and behaviours. Apprentices will be graded as either pass, merit, distinction or fail.

The Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

During the SJT, apprentices are presented with 60 multiple-choice questions based on real life scenarios. The questions used will draw on the stated knowledge and skills elements of the standard and focus on the higher order competencies, allowing candidates to demonstrate the full breadth of their judgement and understanding. Candidates who achieve more than 40 correct marks will pass the assessment, with those achieving 50-54 achieving a Merit and those achieving 55 or more a Distinction. Candidates must complete the SJT before moving on to the Professional Discussion.

The Professional Discussion (PD)

The PD is the final method of assessment to achieve End-Point Assessment with this standard. As with the SJT, candidates will be assessed against the knowledge, skills and behaviours set out in the apprenticeship standard, but this time with a structured interview. From a bank of pre-set questions, apprentices will be probed in such a way that enables them to demonstrate the content of the standard. PDs will cover approximately 15 standardised stimulus questions over the course of 45 minutes. Candidates will be rated as either having either unsatisfactory achievement, or achievement sufficient for a Pass, Merit or Distinction.

You can be rest assured that Liberty Academy Training Centre will support your apprentices through their end point assessment journey in a person centred way. This is our promise that no other organisation can beat.

We are committed to the sector and we have expert assessors who are competent in the vocation and in the delivery of end point assessment.

Our fee is simple and straightforward; it is one fee charged at Gateway regardless of re-sit or not. That is why we work with apprentices, training providers and employers to ensure their apprentices are EPA ready before taking the assessment

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And we will be in contact with you to let you know more about us and introduce you an account manager that will support you all the way.

Then, we will contact your training provider and make necessary arrangement to commence end-point process.

We work with training providers and employers throughout England to deliver a high quality End-Point Assessment (EPA) service. We are ESFA approved End-Point Organisation (EPAO)

Our Promise to you:

  • Reliable, friendly and approachable service
  • Industry-leading resources and expertise
  • Transparent costs – and no re-sit fees

We’re happy to provide information to both training providers and employers on our End-Point Assessment offer so employers can make an informed choice about their EPA provider.

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